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They Look Just Like Me

What if you walked into a room and twenty girls  had a face just like yours, and they dressed just like you? That would be freaky.

This idea came to me one day when we were planning a party for a friend of mine.

First, we found a great head shot of our friend and made copies. We then cut the photos out and glued them onto paint stir sticks. We popped out the eyes of the photo and presto instant mask.

We asked all the girls, which was about twenty, to dress like our friend.  She has many looks but one of her distinct styles is hair in pony tail, jeans, glitzy belt, long sleeve striped shirt and a big fuzzy vest of some sort. Oh yes, let’s not forget the Crocs.  Add some fancy bracelets and earrings and you’ve got the look.  She is gorgeous by the way so I don’t mind looking like her at all.

There we were all dressed pretty much the same with our masks ready to go.  We couldn’t wait for her to walk in.  She entered the room and we held the faces up so that she was looking at herself many times over.  She was quite amused and  surprised.

If you want to give this party idea a try be my guest and let me know how it goes.

Please share your party ideas with us.  We’re always looking for new and fun ways to have a good time.

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