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Thieves At Midnite

I just noticed  the apple tree across the street is bearing fruit. It reminded me of the year before last when my next door neighbor and I decided to pick apples.

The apple tree isn’t ours,  it’s on the property of the doctors building across the street. No one over there is  interested in the apples so they usually end up all over the ground and in the street.

What a waste.  Someone (us) should pick them and make pies or apple sauce.  Do something with them don’t you think?  Besides, wouldn’t we be helping them keep their property clean and neat?  What if a patient tripped over an apple and SUED?  We would be doing them a service by picking them right?

My neighbor Didi and I decided to pick at midnite when it was cool and  there was less traffic.

Let’s see, what’s worse, looking like thieves in the day time or looking like thieves in the night.  What if the police had come by and saw us out there sneaking around? Would they have arrested us for trespassing? Never mind, we could have broken our necks out there in the dark.

The adventure, the joy, the risk, the snooping around. What fun.

We got the ladder and luckily there was a street light right next to the tree.  It gave us just enough light that we could see what we were doing without too much trouble.

We were like two kids.  Didi climbed up the ladder and pulled the branches down so I could grab the apples.  We filled bags of them.

Ken looked out the window, smiled at us and just shook his head.

Fine, laugh at us but we made some fabulous apple sauce that year. I’m looking forward to picking again soon.

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