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Was I That Drunk?

Here’s a fun practical joke that I pulled on a dear friend of ours when I lived in Canada many years ago.

First of all, you have to realize that this guy friend of ours loved his old van more than life itself. They lived down the road from us and this guy was always outside washing, shining, waxing and fussing over his van. Always! I think he was a bit loony.

We would tease him terribly about his obsession with his van. He said it was his baby and he would keep it forever. He probably still has it.

One night, Ken and I went out to a club with this guy and his wife. I got this idea half way through the evening to move his heartthrob van to the other side of the building. When we would come out of the club at midnite or whatever time we’d get out of there, the beloved vehicle would be missing.

I asked his wife for the car keys and while our buddy was in the bathroom I gently moved his van to the backside of the building. How exciting!

Well, when we came out of the club and his van was gone I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He was already calling the police to report a stolen vehicle before I could even tell him that I had moved it.

I kept telling him that maybe he had had too much to drink and was it possible that he couldn’t remember where he had parked? Nope, he knew exactly where he parked and his van was GONE! Someone STOLE his van.

The three of us could barely control ourselves. I tried very hard to be serious and said “Ok, let’s think about this for a minute.” “Maybe we came in another door.” “No, he yelled, my van has been stolen!”

I didn’t have the heart to let my prank go on too long. The poor guy was going to pass out. When I told him that I had moved his van to the other side of the building he just looked at me in a daze.
Ok, so I’m a bad girl. We all laughed hysterically after he got over the initial shock of it all. That’s where the joy part comes in.

I’ll think twice about doing that one again to someone who loves their car as much as he loved that van. I would have felt pretty bad if he needed some sort of medical attention after the jolt I gave him.

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