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The Hair Dilemma

Vanity.  That’s it.

Why else would women spend three hours in a salon and spend over a hundred dollars on having their hair colored every six weeks?  What are we nuts?

I started this mess long ago and once you’ve joined the club it’s hard to drop out.

I have quite a bit of gray hair mixed in with my dark brown and I’m not ready to do the salt and pepper thing yet.  I’m just not.

What choices do we have?  Color it ourselves or pay to have it done.  I’ve done both and I don’t know which is more painful.  Shelling out that kind of money hurts but doing it yourself  can be a disaster.

The first time I decided to color my hair which was years ago,  I tried a deep wine burgundy color. It looked nice on the cover of the box.  How hard could this be?  What a mess that was.  I only left it on a short time but I turned my hair completely black.  I mean black with a capital “B”,  I looked like a witch.  Even worse,  it was winter time so my skin color was a pale, pastie white.  Against the black hair I wanted to die.  I couldn’t look in the mirror for months.  I swore never again!

Since then I’ve been to several different people and sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m not.

The other day I was feeling extra bold and I went and bought a kit with color and highlights included.   I’m going to try this again.  The inner voice said “NOOOOOOO!  Don’t do it!  Don’t you remember the black hair and how horrible it was? Don’t do it!  My confident voice said “Oh shut up! So many people color their own hair and they look  fine,  I can do this.”

I opened the box,  read the directions fifty six times and after a meditation,  deep breathing exercises and a pint of whiskey (kidding) I put my gloves on and schmeared the stuff on my head.  Lord get me through this.

I was so nervous that I only left it in ten minutes and quickly washed it out.  I rinsed and then put the highlights in.  Just pretend like you know what you’re doing.  Attitude is everything.  Dive in just like the hairstylists do.


The first day I was a little worried about how dark it was but after a few days I was actually ok with it.  I asked a few of my girlfriends what they thought and everyone seemed to honestly like how it looked.  Ken even told me what a great job I did.  YESSSS!

The joy of success!

Experience Joy And Pass It On!

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