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What To Do With Those Little Bits Of Cereal Left In The Box

Don’t you hate having boxes of cereal that are just about empty in your pantry?

We usually have five boxes or so sitting there with little morsels in them just begging  to be eaten. “Pick me, Pick me, please…..I’ve been sitting here for months!”

Noone seems to want to eat those last bites in the box, so you buy new boxes of cereal and push the ones that are almost empty to the back of the pantry.

Can you relate to this? I bet you can. If you watch Seinfeld, notice he has a gazillion boxes of cereal in his cupboard. He must have the same issue I do.

The other morning I got out the few boxes of almost empty cereal  and told my husband that we had to finish these up before we could open up a new box. Makes sense right?

He pouted like a two year old and with that, poured himself a bowl from the new full box of cereal.  I guess he wasn’t listening.

I quietly opened the old box with the smidges in them and started tossing them at him from my seat across the table. Bingo! They landed right in his bowl.  I smiled, what a great shot. This is one way to get rid of the old stuff.

With a grin on his face, he picked up the box that was almost empty, grabbed a few of the pieces that were left and hurled them at me. I too picked up a box that was almost empty and off we went. Food fight!

Of course the winner was the dog who was gobbling up the cereal as fast as he could off of the floor. It got to the point where we were really throwing the cereal back and forth.

Finally, Ken stood up and I could see he was coming after me. I got out of my chair and started to run but he caught me by the waist and crammed one of the Rice Puffs  down my pants. He got it right down in my underwear.  He was so proud!

So, we got rid of the old cereal, the dog got lots of treats,  my floor got a licking,  I found cereal in my  underwear and we had a good laugh. What a great way to start the day.

I don’t suggest you waste food by throwing it at each other. A more sane idea would be to take all the little bits from all the boxes, mix them up, add some raisins, nuts, a little coconut and make your own fabulous cereal concoction.

Think I’ll go have a bowl right now. Cheers!


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