02 June 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Wig Parties

In the 1970’s when I was singing on the road I had a head of long, big, curly, wild hair. Diana Ross had nothing on me.

Night after night I’d perform with this mop and as I got hot and started to sweat, the hair would grow to a mountain of fuzz. I decided to buy a short curly wig so I wouldn’t have to deal with trying to control my own locks. The wig was so me that most people thought my long hair was the wig.

That was the beginning.

When I moved to downtown Asheville about five years ago I found this wig shop. Ken and I decided to stop in for a browse around. I tried on several wigs and actually found one that was rather cute. It was very different from my own hair. It was silky, smooth, had bangs and layers of flips. I must say, I looked ten years younger in it. That must be why Ken insisted that I buy it. I named her Brandy.

When my girlfriends from out of town come to visit me, wig shopping is usually on the agenda. They’ve all bought wigs and now we have wig parties. In fact, this past New Years Eve we had one. You’d be surprised to see how wigs can transform even the biggest introvert. We include the men in our nonsense and as they put the wigs on they all seem to turn into rock stars. You’ll catch a group of them huddled together playing air guitar shaking their heads around to the beat of the music. Silly boys.

If you’re looking for a cheap fun form of entertainment, I suggest you and your friends invest in a few wigs. We’ve had some great parties and the wigs were definitely an addition to the whole experience. The next time you see me I may be Brandy, Raven, Renata, or Lois.

Be my friend on facebook and you can see the many hairdo’s of Amy and her friends on my photo page. I hope it inspires you to get a little crazy and bring more joy into your life, whatever that looks like for you.  http://www.facebook.com/people/Amy-LaDeroute/1528300569

Try having some fun with wigs at your next party and let me know how it goes.

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