09 July 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Yes I’m A Movie Star

Maybe I’m strange but I love to meet people on the street and have a spontaneous interplay with them.

Today was such a day.

My girlfriend and I were walking downtown Asheville playing tourist when these three African American big boys made some wise crack as we were walking by.  They were trying to be cute while they were checking us out.

We could have flipped them off or reacted rudely but I thought to myself, these guys could be fun to play with.

At one point they told us we looked like movie stars so I ran with it.

“We are, this is Lolita and I am Francois. Did you see our latest film?”  He asked me what the name of it was and I quickly replied “Behind Closed Doors.”  Not a bad name for having to come up with something on the spot.

I said “Aren’t you guys actors as well?”  They said “Yes.”  I asked them the name of their latest film and he said “Mandingo”.  I said “I think our film was playing in Cinema One and your film was playing in Cinema Four.

I yelled out so people passing by could hear me.  “When is your new movie coming out?” “May I have your autograph?”  With that I opened my purse, got out a pen and paper and handed it to one of the guys who wrote down his name and phone number.  Of course a few people were curious and looked at them to see if they were someone special that they may recognize.  Not.

I loved it because they new how to play with me.  They were actually from Fort Bragg and were here visiting.

I love when people are quick witted and are willing to run with something you give them.  It brought joy and laughter to all of us involved.  Instead of leaving a horrible taste in my mouth thinking that they were scum bags, I left rather amused and proud of the way our encounter turned out.

That’s what I mean when I say Experience Joy And Pass It On! You just have to be open and look at things from a new perspective.

Please leave your comment below and tell us what brings you joy.


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